On Monday, June 26th, the DLC will launch a new Application Portal to replace the existing manufacturer portal. The new portal portal will be integrated with the main DLC website, and is designed with the following upgrades in mind:

  1. Improve application review timelines
  2. Clarify application status for manufacturers during the review process
  3. Integrate all DLC functions (including application submission, QPL saved searches and downloads, and management of manufacturer information) under one log-in

To prevent data loss with the transition, the DLC will complete any open applications in the old manufacturer portal through the old systm. However, starting on Monday August 26th, all new applications must be submitted through the new Application Portal.

At this time, the DLC will continue to accept Lighting Controls applications through the old manufacturer portal. If you are a controls manufacturer, your applications will not be affected by this launch.

Please contact applications@designlights.org with any questions.